IMI Norgren

In 1925, inventor Carl Norgren drew his first inline lubricator on a napkin. After nearly 100 years, and with dozens of trusted products in use around the world, IMI Norgren was preparing to launch its latest product range: VR Valve Islands.

We’ve been working as IMI Norgren’s trusted video partner for over 10 years, and the VR Valve Islands product launch video was the latest in a series. The brief was for something short, concise and upbeat, showing the product in an engaging and compelling way while including all of the technical specs that sets this range apart from its competitors.

Both the video and the product launch were a great success, generating plenty of PR for IMI Norgren, and this video continues to be used regularly in sales presentations across the business. It’s also ‘evergreen’ content, which is being used to drive sales through the product microsite.

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