Mettler Toledo

Mettler Toledo make precision engineering instruments for labs and manufacturers around the world. The X34 system is already being used in 28 countries across 6 continents, and the aim for these product videos was to build on this launch to generate more leads through the product website.

The X34 XR is a unique X-ray system for food manufacturers, designed to catch contaminants such as metal and glass - subsequently protecting the public, avoiding costly product recalls, and preserving brand reputations. There was a clear emotional case for purchasing the product as well as the usual commercial reasons, so the video opens with an emotional hook - a dramatic sequence of headlines alluding to previous industry cases where businesses had had to deal with the PR and commercial fallout of causing harm to the public.

Filming took place in the company’s production facility in Royston, and we worked closely with their product managers to create a script and storyboard that focused on the benefits of the device — both emotionally and rationally. The final film has been highly successful and is used across Mettler Toledo’s marketing channels and events programme. 

We continue to produce a variety of films for Mettler Toledo, and embarked upon a new pipeline of work with them in 2021.