Rail Safety and Standards Board

In 2001, a cross-industry focus group was set up to ensure that tragic rail accidents like Ladbroke Grove in 1999 would never happen again. One of the outputs was RED, a regular news and documentary video series, which was conceived as a training resource for frontline workers across the industry.

Adopting a news and current affairs format, the 25-minute programme is produced three times per year, and includes news stories, personal accounts, expert comment, and a powerful drama that illustrates the importance of key safety issues.

Commissioned by the Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB), RED takes crucial safety information and brings it to life so that it can ultimately save lives. The dramas are varied and challenging, from fatigued drivers crashing into station buffer stops to passengers getting dragged along by their scarves trapped in train doors; every episode highlights policies and practices that are vital to the safe use and running of the UK rail network.

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