When news of the coronavirus pandemic broke in March 2020 and governments across Europe were introducing lockdowns, certain services were classed as essential and so were made exempt, including boiler installation and maintenance.

The challenge for Vaillant, a global brand, was that people were understandably anxious about having installers enter their home and potentially spreading the virus; this led to a costly surge in cancelled appointments.

This video was part of a campaign to reassure customers that installers were using approved measures to ensure work could still happen safely. It was given to installers to share with customers a day ahead of visits, advising them on how to safely prepare for the upcoming work. 

Our task was to create an animation that could be easily adapted to local rules and regulations. The video was also translated and rebranded for other brands in the Group, such as Glow-worm and Saunier Duval, and was used across Europe, including Germany, Spain, France and Belgium. 

Vaillant installers continued to work throughout the pandemic, and as the video was able to give peace of mind to customers during an uncertain time there was a subsequent reduction in cancelled appointments.