Formed in 1841, the Wesleyan Assurance Society — or Wesleyan, to most people — prides itself on the mission it’s had since day one: to serve its members and make sure they’re at the heart of everything it does. 

We have worked successfully with Wesleyan for over 5 years. Our previous animation campaign received 20,000 views in the first two months of release, and a third-place listing on Google on a highly competitive financial search term.

Wesleyan wanted to build on this success with a new series of animations inspired by The Dot and the Line — A Romance in Lower Mathematics, a deceptively simple Oscar-winning short film by animator Chuck Jones. We developed the creative and a proof of concept, and we started animating.

‘Reasons to talk to Wesleyan’ is one of a ten-part series. Each video looks at the products and services on offer from Wesleyan in a clear, friendly and informative style. They were also edited down into 6-second and 15-second bumper versions for YouTube pre-roll campaigns; this targeted approach ensures that they reach the right audience of potential customers.  

As well as brand awareness, the aim is to drive bookings with Wesleyan Financial Consultants. At the time of writing it’s early in the campaign, but the initial response has been very positive so far; we look forward to developing Wesleyan’s video strategy across the series to ensure the best results. 

Watch a video about Wesleyan's experience of working with Big Button HERE