“We wanted something that clearly and briefly explained what SEGRO does, and this video captures the essence of our brand brilliantly. It’s a simple but effective creative idea that represents everything that SEGRO stands for: our wide variety of customers, our European presence, and our key responsibilities to the people, communities, and environments we operate in. This is just the beginning as we’re planning to use it across campaigns and events, and we look forward to seeing further success in the future.”

Nick Hughes
Director of Marketing and Communications, SEGRO

SEGRO is a FTSE 100 property company that had undergone a significant rebrand since the last brand video was made in 2014. The company has transformed since then and the branded hero content needed a refresh.

The film took its creative cue from the Sorcerer’s Apprentice from Disney’s Fantasia. It’s a famous soundtrack that evokes strong images of Mickey Mouse chasing mops and buckets, water being spilled, and frantic activity. It’s magical and entertaining — the perfect starting point for a brand film about extraordinary spaces.

The creative execution fulfilled the brief and beyond: the video shows the range of SEGRO customers from sole traders to global corporations, and each region is equally represented throughout. The concept also works across multiple markets, crossing the language barrier and reflecting the international character of the business.

The Responsible SEGRO strategy is reflected throughout the video, establishing their ESG credentials. For such a short video, it packs a lot of detail that stands up to multiple viewings.