Wellington Management

Wellington Management partnered with Woodwell Climate Research Center, who provide science to help address the climate crisis. Together, they developed a software application called the Climate Exposure Risk Application (CERA), which helps investors understand the climate impact on capital assets around the world.

This short film helps raise awareness of the software, the partnership, and its impact on investing at Wellington Management. A key challenge was one of distance: half the contributors were based in London, UK while the rest of the team were all based in the Boston, US. We worked closely with them and Wellington’s internal production team to ensure that they were properly briefed, had access to the right equipment, and felt comfortable with what they needed to say for the film.


Based on screencasts and screenshots provided by their developers we developed motion graphics demonstrating the application, and then used stock footage to illustrate examples of the impact of climate change on drought and wildfires in Spain, and the exciting potential in vertical farming.