Video Strategy: What you can learn from the best

We all know creating quality content can deliver great results, but research shows that a challenge for many marketers is creating more video content, faster — and finding the resources to deliver it.
More video content quickly is a worthy aim, but how can you scale up and ensure it delivers results for you? Big Button has produced hundreds of campaigns and thousands of videos for over 20 years. In this short webinar, Sam Lewis shares the lessons we’ve learnt from the most effective video campaigns in that time, including:
  • The importance of a clear and well-documented strategy
  • Thinking about ‘video everywhere’ and who else can benefit directly and indirectly from your projects
  • The advantages of combining in-house and outsourced production teams
  • Repurposing video content to maximise opportunities and ROI
  • Adopting a process and mindset of constant measurement, learning and improvement
 Packed with helpful insights and useful case studies, this webinar will help you build a successful video strategy and create video that delivers tangible results for your organisation.