GoCardless is on a mission. They want to build simple and secure bank payment solutions for people everywhere. It serves over 80,000 customers around the world, from charities and SMEs to multinational corporations, and processes $10bn of payments each year.

Customer success is an important part of GoCardless’s strategy. They serve like-minded customers such as Nude, a mobile app that allows first-time buyers save a deposit for their first home.

Both GoCardless and Nude exist to help their customers succeed with finance. It also helps they’re both shaking up traditional finance with cutting-edge fintech, making them the perfect match for a customer story film.

This spotlight was part of a series of customer story videos about Nude. We interviewed Frankie, a freelance personal trainer who was using Nude to save for her first place. The approach is unique for a customer story: she shares the perspective as the customer’s customer, demonstrating first-hand how GoCardless powers a seamless customer experience for Nude. This in turn helps them deliver their mission for users: standing up for first-time home buyers.

Big Button has worked with GoCardless on their customer advocacy content for a few years. In that time, the strategy has developed and become more sophisticated:

  • Delivered 39 customer stories (as of June 2023).
  • Filmed across eight regions globally from Pasadena, USA to Nelson, NZ.
  • Repurposed films in multiple aspect ratios for social channels and events.
  • Translated into multiple languages.

The content is delivering; internally, the strategy has been proven to influence a significant portion of sales. Customer stories with our films have a 61% longer dwell time than stories with no film and 88% longer dwell time than stories with older (pre-Big Button) films — demonstrating that poor quality video is not only a wasted investment but can actively harm website performance.

GoCardless understand the power of customer advocacy and video content, and their approach is a useful case study of how strategic video can deliver tangible benefits to the organisation.