A staggering 2 billion people use WhatsApp around the world to stay in touch with friends and family. The WhatsApp business platform allows businesses to connect the messaging app to other applications and connect with customers directly.

Postman equally has influence in the global developer community, boasting 20 million users who use the platform to build and test APIs and create better software. It’s so popular that 89% of users would be unhappy if their organisation stopped them from using it.

Postman saw a great opportunity to promote the partnership. WhatsApp would show its technical credentials in using a popular and widely used developer platform, while Postman would have an endorsement from one of the biggest tech companies on the planet.

Captured across two days on the iconic Menlo campus in California and downtown San Francisco, the suite of films included a main ‘spotlight’ film, a breakout film for developers, and 9:16 version for social media.

The response from audiences has been excellent and the results are impressive:

  • The videos feature prominently on the revamped Postman Enterprise microsite
  • Over 85,000 organic impressions and 42,000 organic views on LinkedIn in first week, with an impressive 2.23% engagement rate
  • In September 2022, the LinkedIn post outperformed all other videos combined (7 videos total) on key metrics:

  • +391% more Clicks
  • +28% more Impressions
  • +424% more Reactions
  • +199% more Video Views

  • The films have been a catalyst for customers wanting to take part in Postman’s advocacy programme, including PayPal, Axis Bank and American Express, with plans to film in Utah, California, Finland, Norway, and India.

In this short testimonial, Hilary Crane, Senior Program Manager for Customer Advocacy, explains why she chose Big Button to be  Postman's strategic video partner.

“Video is a critical component of storytelling at Postman, and we’re incredibly proud of the WhatsApp films. It garnered the strongest performance across all of Postman’s social platforms in the month of its release, outperforming all other videos combined. That’s amazing! The WhatsApp project has set the standard for our filmed assets moving forward.”

Hilary Crane
Senior Customer Advocacy Manager, Postman