Following on from the success of their WhatsApp customer story, Postman managed to secure a customer story with another of its market-leading customers: PayPal.

PayPal had seen the WhatsApp customer story and agreed to feature in Postman’s customer advocacy program. They’re on a journey to API-first, which means making API design and development the foundation of a system. Consequently, Postman has become the platform of choice for developers at PayPal.

Taking part had two benefits for PayPal: enjoying the publicity about the partnership and accessing talent in Postman’s gigantic developer global community.

First, we determined the key people and topics for the story, narrowing it down to two contributors. Filming took place in a single day at PayPal's headquarters in sunny San Jose, California.

The final outputs included a 3-minute spotlight film, a 1-minute breakout film focused on the developer experience, and two social edits in 16:9 and 9:16 aspect ratios for various social channels. All films included SRTs for captions — a feature that should be expected for all projects for accessibility and SEO reasons.

The film has recently been published so it’s still early days for results, but the initial response has been very positive, and the Postman customer story pipeline is continuing to build — with shoots planned in Nice, London and New York.

In this short testimonial, Hilary Crane, Senior Program Manager for Customer Advocacy, explains why she chose Big Button to be Postman’s strategic video partner.